10 Things to be thankfull for this month

1. Our home
2. Maison Scotch publication in the Glamour magazine (sorry, only Dutch version)
3. My Specs
4. This gorgeous blog with my picture on it
5. Strawberry flavored bubblegum
6. Sundays...
7. Zuurkool met worst and a cup of milk with sweet cinnamon on the side
8. My Rocky T-shirt with the pretty face of Brigitte Bardot
9. Memories
10. My little cycling tour to Maison Scotch within 5 minutes because of the 3 green traffic lights... Jeeej! Till now I think this is the happiest start of the day...

Thank you!

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eme zei

Oh, how I love your last one... it sounds so familiar!!
So cute! Thanks

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