10 Things to be thankfull for this month

1. Our home
2. Maison Scotch publication in the Glamour magazine (sorry, only Dutch version)
3. My Specs
4. This gorgeous blog with my picture on it
5. Strawberry flavored bubblegum
6. Sundays...
7. Zuurkool met worst and a cup of milk with sweet cinnamon on the side
8. My Rocky T-shirt with the pretty face of Brigitte Bardot
9. Memories
10. My little cycling tour to Maison Scotch within 5 minutes because of the 3 green traffic lights... Jeeej! Till now I think this is the happiest start of the day...

Thank you!


Hello Monday...

Wake up early
song: Her Morning Elegance

sparkling water
Love you baked cookies in the morning
you are one of those nice things


. Thursday goodies

Hello there, how are you? Just thought i'd check in,
see how you are, share a video and wishing you a happy Thursday!

+ 3 goodies to start the day:

this little love story might make you smile,
and this wedding and this song


bye bye for now. ♥ e.


Haar Strikke

This is for the ones who like hairbows as much as I do - in my language we call them:
Haar strikken.

Magazine: Vogue Russia March 2009
Model: Natasha Poly

Haar Strikke:

Haar Strikke
my very specials


Marilu strikke
Another Yummy dream

Her first bow - handmade from a piece of denim - was her triumph... It was a gift for her 1st birthday which was a love note from us that told her that she could explore the world outside. A few times a day she comes in and tell us little stories.

Five days a week she went fishing with her best friend Missy. Picking up wild berries - making delicious pastries - and afterwards they prepared their favorite drinks: sweet cinnamon and milk... As old as Missy was and how young Marilu...
Missy actually gave her homework! They really snuggled up together, having lot's of fun. I sometimes could hear them laugh, sharing their dreams, gossiping about other cats in the neighborhood...

Sadly those days won't return again... because Missy had to say goodbye. They gave eachother endless kisses before Missy left...

Once a while when Marilu is dreaming she receives little love notes from Missy. She is telling her adventurous stories about the beautiful place called Elsewhere. She misses her best friend, you can hear it in the way she speaks about it.

Now when Marilu wakes up she goes on a sightseeing tour with her new friend Wasco. She loves his whipped cream tale. Wasco and Marilu do picnics and exploration together. I think they are flirting with each other because sometimes I notice that they give each other sexy looks. Sometimes I sing: Wasco and Marilu sitting in a tree... she gives me a grumpy face for doing that.

Once in a while she pretends being a bird... You can see it in the way she falls from the tree... It's cute but kind of dangerous to... Can't watch it...

... She is our kind of beautiful.

Click to watch the video

Click the image to see
how you make a giant hair bow construction
of your own hair - its amazing!

Related on this, my friend Terence made this little piece of artwork, don't you think it's cute?
Its handpainted on a tin can. - Terence Breve.



Current Obsession #1. Boxes

...Some look like they were in a fight - some are nice pastel coloured through the sun - some are groovy and others old-fashioned - you've got the tiny - and the - big.

Boxes - each one unique in it's own style...some of them are so pretty that they already tell you a little story on the outside - others look like rubbish and have nothing to tell - those are my fave- the ones who look like they are kicked on the side way - they give me the irresistible feeling to take a little peek inside - and for sure: they really can surprise you!

mijn doosjes verzameling
In general... I love boxes!

Click to see what's inside this
little fellow:

Click to take a peek inside

P.s. Made it myself - hope you like it!
Have a enjoyable weekend!


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~Goeden avond
Behind the scene
you can click to enlarge if you like

P.S. To the ones who missed
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