Current Obsession #1. Boxes

...Some look like they were in a fight - some are nice pastel coloured through the sun - some are groovy and others old-fashioned - you've got the tiny - and the - big.

Boxes - each one unique in it's own style...some of them are so pretty that they already tell you a little story on the outside - others look like rubbish and have nothing to tell - those are my fave- the ones who look like they are kicked on the side way - they give me the irresistible feeling to take a little peek inside - and for sure: they really can surprise you!

mijn doosjes verzameling
In general... I love boxes!

Click to see what's inside this
little fellow:

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P.s. Made it myself - hope you like it!
Have a enjoyable weekend!


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~Goeden avond
Behind the scene
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P.S. To the ones who missed
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