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Hello! Welcome to our sunday lunch amusing! Starring: Pia Lapin, Frenchie, Cecil Sugarplum, Pinkerdoodle, Marilu, Terence and a little bit of me.
You can play a role in here to! How? Read the little story below and tell us how it continues ...Would be fun to do!

Let's start here...

It was morning...
Cecil Sugarplum was wondering about her blind date.. " I hope it will be a fine gentleman to spend the days"
And there he was...The freshness of a black mustache around the nose. The return of charm. The sexiness of the cashmere sweater. The heart of Cecil was beating so fast that she had to slow it down a little bit before she would become a boiled egg... She really fell in love with Frenchie... and he with her - but he didn't really let her notice.

Their date was Chic, so Terence decided to give Cecile an elegant hat, for her to feel fabulous in... " I'll be back in a minute " - Cecile said - " I'll wait for you my dear " - Frenchie said...
- Than.... oh so suddenly than....she came up... Pinkerdoodle on her best! With her chicadees lips, red cheeks, spiked eyelashes and her voloptuous decolete - straight in the picture... Her goal was obvious...

Sadly Frenchie could't resist - and before he knew he had regrets already.
But it was to late... Cecile saw it all and run away.

Pinkerdoodle began to laugh... So loud that it gave a crack into Frenchies ear.
He really felt terrible...

Marilu was watching the show...she couldn't believe her eyes!
bon-bon Than there was Pia Lapin. A happy little friend to cheer Cecil up and to cuddle away her tears...

Hmmmm.... I'm wondering how this sunday lunch amusing will continue... where does your imagination will bring this story?

♥ x. e

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