Autumn leaves

It's strange that everything seems to look a little bit different starting from now. The house is moving as the wind is telling us that Autumn is on her way. Days become shorter, people become shadows - rushing through rainshowers on their way home. I like the wamth of the cold days though.

The train ride was quiet as I fell asleep on Monsieur Bisous shoulder. We travelled home together - back to our loving wooly cats  -  after eating too many sweets and delicious soup in his studio.

Back home I wrapped a blanket around myself spending some time with the puppets in my cosy nook. Trying to shape the bodies, hands and feets - wondering how they will look like when finished.
Seems that I always manage to get lost in this world for hours and hours again...

It's time to hide myself under the freshly laundered sheets now, trying not to worry about the wind and rain which could harm my dads broccoli.

Dreams of light sprinkling snow in sunny weather.


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Myrthe zei

although I feel a bit homesick by the thought that summer is leaving already...

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