Fille Irondelle

The weekend weather was great to stay indoors, meaning that we've had plenty of
time to read, make things, bake even do things around the house which we wanted
to do earlier. To be honest, it's also been really refreshing being away from the computer.

Monsieur bisou baked the richest carrot cake I've ever had, which was perfect with fresh cream.
not to forget that he also baked pain perdu and toast to fill our tummies during the weekend. 
He means a lot to me.

We are translating his "Fille Irondelle" painting into a marionette as you can see on the 1st picture. She's still a bit mysterious but I think she already makes a beautifull scenery. 

These songs to remember the weekend:
 Steve earl  ( We danced on this Saturday evening, including the cats ; )

Can't wait for perfect Autumn to come and to press leaves into our notebooks, like we did last season

What about you? Did you've had a nice weekend?

x. e

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