It's time to tell and show you a little bit more about my profession as print designer so I've updated my website in form of a blog... hope you will like!
With special thanks and appreciation for photos from all bloggers tumblrs and instagrammers who are also shown here.


♥ Here we are, new house... ♥

First snaps...
from our Garden

♥ ♥ 

Here we are...from the garden to our own little forest

...the drawbridge allows us to go up the hill and
to enjoy the view...

Still can't believe my eyes...



 Look at her...she's amazing!
Look at her eyes... and  her hair! She looks like one of those adorable Monchichi dolls.
Can't stop looking at this picture ~ and she looks so satisfied... hihi
I love her name!

Happy parents are Marlou & Ferenc
Congrats sweeties!

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Hello new year, nice to meet you!

Unbelievably good!


The days are rushing... I think I've made these pictures two weeks ago...
 Here you can see a few fragments from our Zuiderzee route together
with Bobbie en Reina.

This day was unbelievably good!
Thanks Winter, thanx Bob& Reina


Lucy Mae

Lovelies Marlou & Ferenc asked me 
to make the babycard for their new born
~ Lucy Mae

I didn't exactly knew where the design of the card was going...and  I think that's
also how I like to work. Diving into something new... follow the heart and see where it goes.
Ofcourse it makes it more relaxed when you have the complete trust of those
you make a design for

The card tells a little story and designing it was very 
special & emotional at the same time...
I think the most rewarding moment was when I saw the reaction of Marlou 
while showing her the card first...
 Welcome to the world ~ tiny Lucy Mae!
She looks soooo cute!!!
Will post a picture of her soon...


Fille Irondelle, Nino, Marilu and a bun without a name . . .

I spend a few hours on Fille Irondelle this evening
~ which makes me happy!
Finished her body ~ which already feels complete.
~ I'm not really sure about the arms yet. . .
Nino Popped by... ~ he's always very curious
 & Marilu...  ~  look at her . . .
Think it's bedtime for all of us...